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T-Riffic Beats, Music Producer, Beat Maker, Mixing and Mastering

T-Riffic Beats was established in 2017, but I was already active in music from a very young age. I fell in love with the creative procces of music and I love to share all that I do. While still growing and eager to learn all the tricks in the world of producing, creating beats, writing lyrics, the creativity is endless. I'm always evolving into a bigger, better version of myself. After setting myself up with a professional studio, talented artist are more than welcome to vibe, and create.


But why stop there? Artist from all over the world are now able to buy beats and even collaborate with T-Riffic Beats.

T-Riffic Beats has some unique sound designs, especially Dark, or Story Telling, Cinamatic and Emotional. But allso Trap, influences of Rock, some Soul and Classical music. Sometimes a mixture of all of the above. 


Music is my never ending source of creativity.

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